Empirical Media Theory

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

—Never Nothing (It's Alright [It's OK])

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

—MTLOV (Minor Keys)

Father’s Day

Father’s Day


The Collected Mad Men Vol. VII Part I

You’re In An Office Here You’re In An Office There What’s The Difference

Our Collective Ex-Wife Who Still Receives Alimony

Freeze-Frame As Our Stallion Runs Thru The Background, The Bottle Appears

A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of What Went Wrong Here

Stop Humming You’re Not Happy What Am I Cassandra

Rather Die Hoping That Happens Then Make Some Arrangement

Over Dresden I Wanted To Live I Don’t Want To Die I Just Don’t Want To Do This Anymore


We start our official Nikki Nack tour tonight. To celebrate: OUR CRAZY NEW MUSIC VIDEO! 

Maybe EMA could score a Shane Carruth movie.





Some film folks I know from Oxford, MS, are making a doc about the Elvis-impersonator-ricin guy. Check it out! Donate if you wanna!